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  • Can I stay 2 weeks?
    Of course you can stay as long as you want but we have a weekly program so if you do not want to participate in the progra, we can offer you 2 cool alternatives. If you like skiing and as you probably have to fly back over Vancouver, why don't you stay one more week in Whistler. Normally skiers in Europe always dream to ski in Whistler but the jetlag, the price of the flight make them skip this idea for later, the probably never later...... And this is the perfect opportunity to grap this chance and stay one week in this world known ski resort and try the champagne powder snow. Another option is to stay in Whitehorse town and doing a week of relaxing or going to ski @Mt. Sima, our nearby ski resort (. A one day ski experience is already included in our package)
  • Can I bring my ski clothes?
    Of course you can bring them. Often temperatures are fitting the temperature of your skiing clothes, but often they are colder than what your clothes are made for. So it is no option to have special clothes for real arctic conditions. These are included in our package.
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