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About Us

It is also our adventure

"We want to share it with you"

Wanting to go back to basics and quit their very busy business lives, Sandra and Steve started to prospect Canada's west years ago. In 2017 while travelling in Alaska and Yukon they found their place to stay. The Yukon. An amazing place so wild and filled with untouched nature. This was the place they were looking for so hard for so long. The Caribou RV Park was for sale and it was exactly the business they were longing for as they are experienced campers since their very young age and camped through Europe and the US on a regular base with both their own trailer and rental RV's.


While operating the RV Park in the summer months the idea was to offer a very exclusive way to discover northern arctic activities in the winter while having a very comfortable and cozy service and upscale amenities.


While Sandra is cooking delicious exclusive meals, Steve joins the daily adventures and helps translate and explain the guides instructions in French, German and Luxemburgish.


While making a career in the Management of a big European Bank for nearly 20 years managing customer service and financial advice, Steve always longed for offering an incredible experience more than products. Customer friendly he really goes the extra mile for your comfort and will tell you much about what where why in the Yukon.


He speaks fluently English, French, German and Luxemburgish. He has light language skills in dutch and Italian. He is known for his funny and entertaining character always having the right joke at hand.


As an awarded boy-scout he was in contact with nature and outdoors from his young age on. As a volunteer firefighter and paramedic, he is always staying on the safe side and will offer help when needed.

While he loves lake and river trout fishing,


Steve will join you on every daily adventure trip.

Having an eye for the unexpected detail and always overdelivering is Sandra's anthem.


After having worked in advertising and design for many years she created her own company in 2008. She worked for both government and big international companies offering digital and printed media design. Small businesses and not-for-profits were also served with overdelivery and were always happy to be able to deal directly with Sandra who understood their needs. Sandra is fluent in English, French, German Luxemburgish and Italian.


Being a blessed cook and having the chance of dining at most of the world best restaurants, she has an awesome sense of taste and is able to deliver outstanding fine cuisine combined with her intuitive sense of creativity.


Handcrafting is her passion and she crafts marvellous decorative objects.

Misty Woodland
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